How to update your Adobe After-Effects tools

Let's update your tools to the latest version. This would only take a minute!

Step 1: Find the product download page

If you have a Gumroad account, click here to find it in your previous purchases.

Otherwise, find your purchase email in your inbox.
It would look something like this:
Once you found it, click the big green button. It would usually say "Download" or "See Contents".

Step 2: Download the newest version

The product page should look something like this:
Simply Download the latest version of the tool, including any other folders related (Such as a "core" folder)

Step 3: Find the "ScriptUI Panels" folder

On a Mac, navigate to the following folder:
Adobe After Effects
ScriptUI Panels
On Windows:
Program Files
Adobe After Effects
Support Files
ScriptUI Panels

Step 4: Drag

Drag the new version of the script (including additional folders if exist) into the ScriptUI Panels folder.

ScriptUI Panels

Aditional Folders if exists (like a script core folder)

Step 5: Replace All

If Windows/Mac opens a dialog saying those files already exist in the ScriptUI Panels folder, simply click 'Replace All'.
The new files should override the previous ones, and the final result would look like this:

Step 6: Throw a party 🎉

You are up to date. Enjoy!