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Noodle takes the burden of creating secondary animations off of your shoulders


Puppet Pins

Make Puppet Pins loosely react to the layer's transforms


Path Points

Each point of a noodled path dynamically reacts to its layer's transforms



Children with Noodle applied to them loosely follow their parents


Made for Humans

The shape of the smile dictates the physics, so you can work with your intuition instead of crunching numbers

Live Updates

Powered by an expression, your secondary Noodle animations always stay up to date, even when you change the original source of the motion

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Simply select and apply. No extra setup needed. Your elements instantly turn dynamic.

Curve = Motion

Drag the curve left / right to adjust boinginess levels, or up / down to adjust intensity

Advanced Editor

When in need, open up the Editor panel to fine tune your result. From the editor you can also adjust the weight of individual path points


You can globally turn off Noodle across your project to quickly examine the original animation or boost performance in draft previews


Bake the Noodle expression to keyframes or a static expression to commit to your animation. Baking also speeds up your render times since the simulation goes offline.


At any point you can override the baked results with a new Noodle expression

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$ 29.99

Animates secondary elements in After-Effects for you

About Noodle

With Noodle, static elements turn dynamic by automatically generating secondary animations for you.

A puppet pin with Noodle applied to it will wobble in response to the layer's transforms.

When applied to paths, each point reacts to the layer's transforms independently.

A parented layer with Noodle applied to its position will loosely follow its parent.

The expression automatically updates, which makes revisions from pushy clients incredibly easy to manage.

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Adobe After-Effects 17.0+


Noodle can pay for itself after
36 minutes of use


Productivity boost can save you $3,388 per year

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