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With Noodle, static elements turn dynamic by automatically generating secondary animations for you.


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Noodle creates secondary animations that react to the main motion

When the client wants to revisit the main motion you don't have to go back and re-time all those secondary keyframes as well.

What can you Noodle?

Puppet Pins

Make Puppet Pins loosely react to the layer's transforms



Path Points

Each point of a noodled path dynamically reacts to its layer's transforms




Children with Noodle applied to them loosely follow their parents



How does it work?


Select and Apply

Your elements instantly start reacting to the main motion.



Fine tune the result by adjusting the curve in the Noodle panel


Let your worries go

Your Noodle expressions always stay up to date, even when you change the original source of the motion

Video Walkthroughs

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Noodle Puppet-Pins

Learn how to make puppet-pins react to their parent's motion

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Noodle Paths

Learn how to make a path react to its parent's motion, and adjusting the weight map to fine tune the result

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Noodle Parenting Systems

Learn how to create soft parenting systems where the children react to the parents' motion with inertia

Don't give up performance

Set Simulation Quality

Choose between multiple simulation qualities to maximize performance

Quick On / Off

Temporarily disable the simulation when you don't need it by right-clicking the quality dropdown

Bake / Unbake

Boost performance by commiting to the final result when you're ready!

Any simulation tool comes with some performance cost.
Noodle is designed to be as performant as possible, pulling a lot of tricks to cache and optimize the result.

Don't give up control

Advanced Editor

When in need, open up the Editor panel to fine tune your result

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One smile fits all

Choose between curated themes created by the Good Boy Ninja to make your time staring at a computer screen a little more enjoyable

A drop in a bowl of noodles

Macbook Pro

Make work more enjoyable with Noodle

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All tools, including Noodle, are designed to help you be more productive and have more fun mixing art with your job.

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v.2.51     Latest

Supported Apps: After Effects 17.0+

Version: 2.51

Type: jsxbin


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Indie Development

Buying Noodle supports an independent developer and helps me make more tools for you. Thank you for your support!