Noodle is using the Happy Happy License \(^~^)/
Automatic motions for instant emotions.
For After Effects CC 2019, 2020, 2021 or later.
Noodle saves your butt
By adding secondary motions automatically, it will save you from evil clients who ask for too many last-minute changes.

It's the animator's wettest dream.
Key Features
  • Simulate 'soft' / 'delayed' parenting
  • Create 'soft body' like effects by making paths react to layer transforms
  • Adds 'jello' effect to puppet-pin rigs
  • Updates automatically to changes in the original motion
  • Point-by-point control for shape layers squash and stretch
  • Bake / Unbake for maximum performance
Buy if...
  • Your clients often harras you with too many last minute changes
  • You are often facing tight deadlines and looking for ways to animate more easily without compromising on quality
  • Your timelines are often bloated with keyframes
  • You are missing 'soft body' like simulators from other software which do not exist in After-Effects
  • You are animating NSFW illustrations or images and looking for a quick way to add bounce and jiggle to your products
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Befroe Noodle
After Noodle
Automatic Motions
Noodle helps you create secondary motions without needing to keyframe them manually.
Befroe Noodle
After Noodle
Instant Emotions
Traditionally, this animation would take hours to perfect. With Noodle? Just a couple of of minutes. And because Noodle uses expressions it automatically updates to any changes you make to the original animation.
Things that can Noodle
Makes paths react to layer transforms on a point-by-point basis
Makes Puppet-Pins react to layer transforms. When your layer moves, the puppet pin values update to create secondary motions
Makes layer transforms react to layer transforms ­čś« Similar to common inertia expressions
Parented Layers
Noodle is calculated based on world space transformations, which means moving a parent layer can now cause its children to shake and bounce
Noodle Parent-Child Transforms
Yes, you can Noodle a child relative to the motion of its parent. Because it's dynamic, you can change the original motion at any time. Noodle will take care of the rest. How cool is that?
NSFW Shape Layers
When Noodle is applied to a path,
it will react to the layer transforms
with soft-body like physics.
and yes, it is very NSFW
Noodle Raster Images
When applied to a puppet pin, the pin will react to the layer transforms and bring images to life in seconds.
Made for a happy workflow
Bake & Unbake
Bake the results into keyframes/expression when you are ready to commit. Unbake when you feel like making a change.
Optimize performance
Quickly set the global quality of all Noodles for best performance. You can even set all Noodles off temporarily.
Updates in real time
Because Noodle is applied as an expressions it updates automatically to future changes you make.
Pro controls
The editors let you manually remap the weight of a path, so you can decides which points are rock solid, and which bounce around freely.
Dive in and refine your motions with more fine tuned controls, including Boinginess, Freedom and opacity.
If a tool smiles at you, do you smile back?
Easy to use
The shape of the curve implies the resulting motion. Drag left and right to set the boinginess level, or up and down to set the maximum intensity.
Colorful and fun
Noodle comes with a bunch of themes to choose from in order to lift your mood while working.
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