Dynamic Path

Select at least two nulls and click Points Follow Nulls. This will generate a new path that will be connected to those nulls using an expression. ‍Tip: by holding shift, you can generate using any selected layer, nulls or not.

Static Path

Use Static Path from Nulls to generate an expression-free path. This path will initially be shaped according to the selected nulls/layers, but will not follow them as you move them around.


Use additional options like 'Ropes' to make your generated paths bend when your nulls get closer to each other, or 'Path Closed' to quickly toggle the path closed/open feature on and off.

Paths from Nulls


The evil brother of Nulls from Paths

About Paths from Nulls

The alter ego entity of the built-in tool "Nulls From Paths.jsx" grants your fingertips the power to generate a path from existing nulls to achieve unique effects, especially when working with tracked footage/nulls imported from 3D software.

If that wasn't enough, a swift tick gifts the created paths with rope-like qualities so you can finally host your own realtime noodles party.
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Adobe After-Effects 17.0+