The secret to a Dockable ScriptUI Panel

When I started writing scripts this was one of the things that got me so confused, and for the right reason. There is not enough information about it on the web, at least not relative to the demand. Most scripts you used before in After-Effects have them, so why does it seem so complicated to achieve?

Let’s break it down to what makes a dockable ScriptUI Panel, well, dockable.

For the final code + TLDR scroll down.

August 24, 2021
Free Download - Adobe After Effects (PC/MAC)

Are you looking for a free download of Adobe After-Effects? There is a very high likelihood that you made it to this page from a google search.

August 11, 2021
How to make sure your scripts won't clash with other scripts

Your scripts may crash for your users but not for you. Here's how to fix it.

August 5, 2021
After Effects: Scripts vs Extensions vs Plugins. What’s the difference, anyway?

You are working in After-Effects and decided to roam the web for some third-party tools. To be honest, you are confused. What is the difference between Plug-Ins and Scripts? And for god's sake, what are extensions?

August 6, 2021
How I created “Colors” for Adobe After-Effects

At the end of May 2021, I have released Colors for After-Effects, which lets you do magnificent things with colors that are not yet possible natively. It is a color sampler that lets you sample raster images (any frame from an active comp) into a compact palette. It also lets you generate new palettes on spot without thinking about it too much, so you can quickly be inspired by many different color options and start using the one you like the most. It also lets you recolor entire comps in a breeze, as well as examine and create different gradients. It also (yes a lot of alsos) lets you drop into the comp a variety of custom elements that use colors that are based on the active palette. It also does a lot more.

Here in this little space of mine, I’ll share more about the creation process of this tool.

August 11, 2021
30+ Free Creative Tools & Software for Artists (2021)

Humans, you were born in a time in history where tools to make art with are more accessible than ever. If you have a computer or a smartphone you can surely find something to make cool stuff with.

October 20, 2020
Ae - Can Learning Expressions Kill Your Creativity?

When learning how to use After effects should you learn how to use expressions? Well, I think the main question should be: Why would you even want to?

August 15, 2020
Ae - Why You Shouldn't Use the Overshoot and Bounce Expressions!

Banging your head against the wall from time to time while trying to create the perfect ease will teach you more about motion than any expression ever will.

August 15, 2020
Ae - Scripting Resources to Get You off the Ground

Look no further, a summary of places to go to when you start learning how to code for Adobe After Effects.

August 15, 2020
Ae - Set-up your Scripting environment for After Effects

Everything you need to start coding conveniently.

July 31, 2020