A poem by the Good Boy Ninja

The Good Boy is the person who finds joy in the act of using digital tools to bring abstract ideas from the inside of their brains to reality.

An act so rare, some people stand in awe as they refer to it as:

The average Good Boy especially likes the idea of being able to put their skills to work, so they can pay what people like to call rent.

You see,
the humans have decided that the way the game has to be played, is by outweighing each other and try maintaining the upper hand...

...and that is how slowly but surely they have put systems in place that overwork all the Good Boys, while paying them less and less...

And in a world where your mornings belong to your boss, and your evenings belong to:

"But it's airing tomorrow. We just have to get it done thanks!" 

Can you even remember what made you like making art in the first place?

If you won't stop for a second and ask yourself:

"Is there really nothing more?
Is having passion a crime?"

You will soon forget
that the good boy,
was you.

This whole time.

The vicious mind behind the Good Boy Ninja project A word from the Good Boy Ninja

I have started the Good Boy Ninja project in late 2019 after a long burn out period, following years of freelancing in motion design.

The ritual of lying to greedy clients, saying that I'm happy griding my love for art away, day after day, revision after revision... It tore me apart mentally.

I have decided to take a break from the industry and focus on coding, which have helped me to get back on my feet.

My goal with these tools is to make other motion designers and artists' lives easier, so they can focus on what they love, and not on the tedious tasks that come with the job.

While I can't eliminate awful clients, I can use my experience to help you avoid common pitfalls, perhaps putting you one step further away from the burn out I have experienced.

I hope you will find these tools useful.
I hope you will find happiness.

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