Who is the good boy, you ask?
The Good Boy is the person who finds joy in the act of using digital tools to bring abstract ideas from the inside of their brains to reality.
An act so rare, some people stand in awe as they refer to it as:  "Can you make my logo bigger?"
The average Good Boy especially likes the idea of being able to put their skills to work, so they can pay what some people like to call: “rent”.
You see, the humans have decided that the way the game has to be played, is by outweighing each other and try maintaining the upper hand
And that is how slowly but surely they have put systems in place that overwork all the Good Boys, while paying them less and less...
And in a world where the mornings belong to your boss, and the evenings belong to:
"But it's airing tomorrow.
We just have to get it done thanks!"
May I ask... What made you like making art in the first place?
If you won't stop for a second and ask yourself: "is there really nothing more? Is having passion a crime?"
You will soon forget...
That the good boy, was you this whole time.
Good Boy Ninja is an ongoing project by Saar, a motion designer who wishes we could all work towards spending more time creating art, and less time working our ways against people who are obsessed with money and success. Most motion designers work for the advertisement industry, which keeps pushing our community to work more hours for less dollars, and expect us to be available, flexible and understanding when shit goes down twice a week. The hope behind the project is to fight against those issues we face from a different front, by improving our workflow and creating tools to help us win the race, so we can get the work done on time and have more time to our families, to our friends, and ourselves. Your art is more important than your work, and you deserve to do art you are proud of.

Don't grind your love for art away. The Good Boy is wishing you the best.
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