Wiggle is a feature, it's time to treat it that way.

For videos, check out the announcement thread
Requires After-Effects 18.4 and later
The wiggle expression in After-Effects is confusing, scary for beginners, and does not allow for looping or dimension clamping.
Good Boy Ninja's Wiggle eliminates 100% of your "How to create a looping wiggle" google searches.

Enjoy a live and reactive wiggle experience. You know... As it should've been from the start.


• Live preview before you apply using the cutest smiley in the world of motion
• Easily loop and set a loop duration
• Wiggle X, Y, or Z dimensions separately
• Supports "Separate Dimensions" for you Value Graph psychos
• Funky panel design that dims when you leave the panel, so you can focus on your work
• Extension panel with buttery-smooth UI

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Known limitations:
• Looping is based on comp time only
• Live preview does not yet preview the Z dimension and Looping preview
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This tool was made possible thanks to my friends who let me go on and on and on about what I'm doing. Thanks, MicMiz for helping me keeping it simple. Thanks, Sophia for the mental support! Thanks, Hamza for the goofs and gaffs! Thanks to my Twitch followers who helped me a bunch in the process. Sorry if I forgot anyone, I truly appreciate you all. Love.
Congratulations sailor, you made it to March🎉
I'm keeping the 22.22.2022 discounts up for a few more days. Thanks for getting my tools!