wiggle hero

Wiggle made easy

Live Preview

The smiley gives you a live preview of what the result would look like in your comp. It even previews rotation and scale and supports separated dimensions

Wiggle Along a Specific Axis

Easily paint your delightful work, simply select elements and click to apply colors

Looping Wiggle

Easily use wiggle in comps that are meant to seamlessly loop

Responsive UI

Wiggle fits to your workspace, whatever it looks like

Intelligent Sliders

Right click any slider to type in a value manually, or reset to defaults.

Separate Dimensions

Sorry to hear about your dimensions separating. Wiggle will be there to support you, but won't pay for therapy.



Live, Looping, Non-Confusing

About Wiggle

The wiggle expression in After-Effects is confusing, scary for beginners, and does not allow for looping or dimension clamping. Good Boy Ninja's Wiggle eliminates 100% of your "How to create a looping wiggle" google searches.

Enjoy a live and reactive wiggle experience. You know... As it should've been from the start.
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Adobe After-Effects 17.0+