Step up your color game without leaving After Effects

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Use Left-Click to apply fill
or Right-Click to apply Stroke

Colors After Effects Tool
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Find your next idea

Discover the mood of your next project by auditioning new, freshly generated palettes

Save for Later

Easily manage your palettes and save them to your library for later use

Match your workspace

Colors lets you choose between horizontal, vertical, and grid layouts, so you can squeeze the panel anywhere in After Effects without it getting in the way

Colors After Effects Tool

Sample Properties

Sample using a selection of existing color properties to form a palette

Sample Pixels

Sample without selection to magically extract palettes from the current frame

Recolor Entire Comps

Quickly try new looks by editing your entire comp's colors in one place. Changes are only applied only once you're ready

Generate Colored Elements

Drop curated geometric elements and prism formations into your canvas

Flick back and forth

You can easily go back to your previously used palettes with the undo and redo buttons

Make Gradients

Shift + Click to easily apply gradients to selected layers, or create a comp-size solid with a gradient ramp


Web developers will give you a smol smootch on the forehead for giving them your color palettes in the right formats

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Bring joy back to motion

Colors can pay for itself after

36 minutes

of use
Colors can save you


per year in productivity

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Technical Specs

v.1.51     Latest

Supported Apps: After Effects 17.0+

Version: 1.51

Type: jsxbin

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You will then be able to download, install and unlock Colors on your computer.


Your license key goes with you

You can quickly deactivate your license on one computer and activate it on another.


14 Days Returns

You can get your money back within 14 days of your purchase.


Free Incremental Updates

You will be able to download all future updates for free until the next major version.

If you buy a license today for version v.1.51, you will be able to download all updates until v.1.99

Made for happiness

All tools, including Colors, are designed to help you be more productive and have more fun mixing art with your job.

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Indie Development

Buying Colors supports an independent developer and helps me make more tools for you. Thank you for your support!

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Indie Development

Buying Colors supports an independent developer and helps me make more tools for you. Thank you for your support!