A prism holder for After-Effects

CC 2018+
version 1.221
ScriptUI Panel
Windows / macOS

How the f$#% have you been motion-designing without a color palette?

Design without ever leaving After-Effects

An integrated part of your motion workflow with a beautiful, smart palette that's always within reach

Apply with a click

Easily paint your delightful work, simply select elements and click to apply colors

Save & Share

With a built in library you can save palettes for later use, and even share them with others

Use both fingers

Click a swatch to fill. Right click to apply a stroke color.

Stuck? Uninspired? Colors to the rescue

Scan images

Like magic, Colors can extract palettes from the current frame, so you can bring the essense of your biggest inspiration straight into After-Effects

Generate New

Explore the mood of your next project by auditioning new, freshly generated palettes

Start with Something
Rather than nothing

Drop human-curated geometric elements into your canvas. Default Cube anyone?

Quietly sophisticated

Full control with a dedicated editor

Add, remove, change and even sort colors, only commit to your changes when you're ready

Undo History built in

Easily switch back and forth between your most recent palettes

Recolor entire comps

With the Recolor feature, Colors makes it easy to change entire color groups in your comp, much like in Illustrator

Unlock a Colorful Workflow


Unlock a Colorful Workflow
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