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The Color Sampler Adobe Forget to Ship with After-Effects
For After Effects CC 2019, 2020, 2021 or later.
There is no looking back
Colors is the quick and intuitive Color Sampler Adobe forgot to put into After-Effects. People who used Colors have said they can't see themselves going back to working without it ever again
Key Features
  • Quickly sample frames from photos / videos into a palette
  • Generates beautiful new palettes for you
  • Left-Click to apply Fill, Right-Click to apply Stroke. With no layers selected it will quickly create a new coloured solid for you.
  • Lets you save palettes for easy use across multiple projects
  • Recolor entire comps including nested comps in a few clicks
  • Easily edit palettes
Buy if...
  • You often find yourself feeling uninspired
  • You don't understand color science well enough, finding it hard to come up with beautiful color combinations
  • You are constantly using workarounds to pick colors, including the Character panel's color picker.
  • You feel like After-Effects is holding you back from being a better designer
  • You are often working with references online, importing screen-grabs and manually sampling color palettes
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Adobe shipped After-Effects without a color manager, and you are still using the swatches in the "Character" panel as a walkaround. Creating a place that stores all your colors would be one thing, but why stop there?
Sample colors from an image
With nothing selected, pressing the sample button will scan the current frame and create a palette out of the most dominant colors.
Sample Color Properties
Select layers or specific properties to "steal" their colors into the script panel
Generate new color combos
Colors uses advanced algorithms to come up with new, beautiful palettes.
✓ You can scroll back and forth your history of palettes so you never miss one you like
Custom library
Store palettes you like in the built in library and reuse them later.
Send palette to comp as shape layers
Quickly create elements using the current color palette, including Orbs and Gradient-Triangles
Left click to apply Fill, Right-Click to apply Stroke
Recolor, much like in Illustrator
Recolor looks throughout your comp for all the properties that share colors, and presents them to you in groups, which you can then modify to your liking!
✓ Shuffle and shift palettes
✓ Audition new palettes
✓ Works with pre-comps
✓ Change groups individually
Lazy apply
Often enough, you can just select the layer itself and Colors will find all the color properties you are looking for automatically.
Quick Gradients
Shift + Click any color to start gradient mode. You can hover around to preview your gradient before you create it.
Custom Editor
Make changes to your palette with the Editor. You can rearrange, add new swatches or remove existing ones. You can also:
✓ Sort the palette
✓ Shuffle the palette
✓ Flip the order of colors
Through the editor you can share the active palette as HEX, RGB or HSL.
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For After Effects CC 2019, 2020, 2021 or later.
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