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shpr brings 11 path animators, in the form of pseudo-effects.

Each one animates the target path based on a unique design pattern, inspired by the way synthesizers work.


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shpr unlocks 11 swapable modules to animate your paths with


moves path points along the path itself, The path literally animates itself


creates trippy pseudo 3D rotational motion


creates webs and other complex structures by introducing new connections between existing points


grows the same path out of each of its points


splits each point into a newly formed corner


lets you move points/tangents along normals, or towards a specific or random direction


lets you spin points/tangents around themselves, around a neighbouring point, the center of a path or around a specific point


takes the original path and entirely transforms it into a completely new one, based on an existing set of presets.



for the tech nerds who like extra power, MATH lets you perform calculations based on pre existing data points of the path


treats each segment of the path by pointing the corresponding targets on each side in a specific direction, creating a droopy-looking shape


breaks each segment of the path in half, adding more points without changing the overall shape

shpr Tutorials

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Learn how to create animated webs with shpr in just a few seconds

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Learn how to create delayed animations without keyframes

Animate your way



Once applied, paths immediately start moving.



You are free to animate your path manually by disconnecting a module from its driver.


  Fill paths with color?

shpr is not designed with fill in mind.
Stroke always works, fill is not guaranteed and depends on the shape of the path.

If you must fill a path you can always resort to After Effects' "Fill" effect.

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Make work more enjoyable with shpr

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v.1.51     Latest

Supported Apps: After Effects 17.0+

Version: 1.51

Type: jsxbin


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Indie Development

Buying shpr supports an independent developer and helps me make more tools for you. Thank you for your support!