A joyful, totally not boring wall of text about cookies and your privacy

tl;dr: I use cookies to make the website better.

Tech giants like Google and Facebook provide great services for small creators like me, such as analytics tools and advertising platforms. In return for using their free services they get to also place cookies while you are using the website.  

If you think you have what it takes to Duck the ZUCC you can try opening goodboy.ninja using an Incognito browser tab, which clears cookies at the end of every browser session.
Internet Cookies are text files that websites can store locally on your device. The information in those files can be used to personalise the experience when using a website. A website can use that information to find out if someone has visited a website before and record information about what they did. (Source: Wikipedia).
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Cookies on this website are used to enhance your experience.
The Good Boy Ninja uses third party tools such as Gumroad, Facebook, Google and LIKEBTN. Each of these services have their own privacy & tracking policy. Surfing the website means you agree to their policies as well.
Cookies are also used to create and keep track of personalised deals.

Why use Google and Facebook at all?

The Good Boy Ninja is a one-person-project. Trust me, I could not care about your personal information. The purpose of this project is to improve your After-Effects experience.

Opting out of using services like Google Analytics, ads , Facebook Pixel and ads would literally make the Good Boy Ninja project unsustainable. Analytics allow me to understand what users want and provide more of that. Displaying ads next to content help support the development of tools. Promoting Good Boy Ninja using Google and Facebook ads help me reach out a wider audience.
I use these tools to better learn how to engage with you.
Love, Good Boy Ninja.