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You don't need to accept cookies to use this website since I don't use them.

This may change in the future in order to improve your experience. Any future changes will be reflected on this page and comply with the GDPR.


Payment Processors

I use LemonSqueezy to process payments and manage your orders. They are responsible for handling the payment process and storing your personal information.

LemonSqueezy's services are integrated into this website in order to provide you with a seamless experience, therefore it's recommended that you read and agree to LemonSqueezy's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

For any questions regarding LemonSqueezy's services and the way they handle your personal information, please contact them directly through their help center.


Affiliate Tracking

I use LemonSqueezy's affiliate features to allow other creators to promote my products and earn a commission for each sale they generate.

Affiliate links have a suffix ?aff= followed by a unique identifier.

For example:

LemonSqueezy describes their affiliate system as "Cookies Free" and "Privacy Friendly".

When you visit this website through an affiliate link, an anonymous unique identifier will be stored on LemonSqueezy's servers.

If you then buy one of my products before the identifier expires, the order will be attributed to the affiliate and they will earn their comission.

If you want to know more about LemonSqueezy's affiliate system, I highly recommend that you thoroughly read the following articles:

Please contact LemonSqueezy directly for any questions regarding their affiliate system.



The Good Boy Ninja creates intellectual property and publishes it to the public. please make sure you also understand and agree to the End User License Agreement to understand what you can and cannot do with the content on this website.


External Links

This website may redirect users to external sources.

For example, since LemonSqueezy is used as a payment provider, it is possible that you will be redirected to as part of the purchase proccess.

Since I use Notion to host guides and tutorials for my products, it is possible that you will be redirected to to read those guides.

External links may use cookies and other tracking technologies to enhance your experience. It's the responsibility of the user to read and understand the privacy policy of each external link they visit.

External links are an inherit feature of the internet and are not under my full control. Good Boy Ninja can only act in good faith and try to provide the best and safest experience possible. Please use the internet responsibly.



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