These are legacy  ExtendScript snippets posted on my github gists.
⚠️ They are old and contain issues. Use at your own risk.

usefuleIncludes .jsx

mouse .jsx

genRand .jsx

lerp .jsx

filterColorProps .jsx

freezeLayerAtTime .jsx

separateGroupsAndProperties .jsx

getItemsByName .jsx

checkGumroadLicense .jsx

pressed .jsx

clampNum .jsx

modNum .jsx

JSONforExpression .jsx

renderChimeState .jsx

removeChildrenFromScriptUIItem .jsx

refreshScriptUIGroupPanel .jsx

paintPanelGroupScriptUI .jsx

StaticTextFillScriptUI .jsx

GoodBoyNinjaColorPicker .jsx

Return all existing effects on a layer - After Effects Script .jsx

Get the layer of the selected property - After Effects Script .jsx

Dockable ScriptUI Panel .jsx

Check Current OS (Win or MacOS) .jsx

Reset path location and ignore transforms - After Effects Expression .jsx

Move in a square - After Effects Expression .jsx

Move in a circle - After Effects Expression .jsx

Move along the edges of the comp - After Effects Expression .jsx

Determine Acceleration and Deceleration - After Effects Expression .jsx

AfterEffectsRoundCornersRect .jsx