The Happy Happy License

The Good Boy Ninja worked hard to make everybody happy with their purchase. The Happy Happy License lets you:

Log-In using a Gumroad License Key

Log-in to a new machine in case you can't access the previous one anymore

Go offline after a machine has been activated

Designed for individuals

Transferring your license is a feature that should make your life easier in case you've lost access to your older machine.
If you are working on multiple machines (a PC and a Laptop for example) It's better to get a license for 2 machines and only transfer to a third one if you lose access to one of them.
While you can theoretically get 1 license and log in each time on a different machine it can get quite cumbersome and will require an active internet connection.
When you purchase a single license, this means a single machine can be connected at any given moment.

If a tool purchase page accepts a purchase for two machines, this means two machines can stay online at any given moment. By the time you log in to a third machine, the first one will be disconnected, and so on.

Logging into a new machine requires an internet connection.

Teams? Better get a license per seat

As of now, you can't disconnect machines manually. Machines are disconnected when you sign in to a new machine by the order you logged them in.
To allow for maximum flexibility for your team, make a separate purchase for each person, and you will get a license key for each purchase.
That way if you transfer your license to a new machine there is no chance for you to log out one of your co-workers by mistake.

Note: You have to allow After-Effects access to internet and writing files

This allows my tools verify that your license is valid and to write a license to your machine.
If this option is disabled my tools may not launch until you turn it back on.

On Windows, go to:
Edit -> Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions -> "Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network"
On a Mac, go to:
After-Effects -> Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions -> "Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network"
In order to make your purchase the best experience as possible, the license type is subjected for changes in the future. This already allowed the license system to be reworked and improved in the past