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General FAQ
Who are you guys?
There is no guys here, only me! The Good Boy Ninja is a project I (Saar) run by myself, I develop all the tools, writing down documentations and taking care of the website, social media and email. I put a lot of effort and love into each tool because I am a Motion Designer myself. I've been working in the industry for over 15 years. The tools I make are a direct result of my experience of working with clients and my understanding of After-Effects strengths and weaknesses. I strive to make the experience of both better, for everyone.
Something doesn't work, what should I do?
Before you contact the Good Boy Ninja...
Visit the Troubleshooting page and follow all the steps. The last step includes contacting me with special information I'm gonna need from you in order to solve your problem.
Purchase FAQ
What is Gumroad?
Gumroad is the platform the Good Boy Ninja uses to sell its products. They handle the payment and delivery of the product. It is common for creators to use this platform as a store. On purchase, they also issue a license key which I am then able to use inside my tools to verify your purchase.
License Type
All the products of the Good Boy Ninja are currently using a login based license. Read more
I make tools to make people happy and help them fight the unfortunate downsides of capitalism :) I have no interest in taking your money if you don't receive joy and value in return. If that is the case for you, please email me within 10 days after your purchase date regarding a refund.
Needless to say...
You are buying the license to use a copy a tool on your machine. You do not buy the source code, the license for the source code, the license to use or share the source code. You cannot claim a tool as your own, and of course you cannot resell it in any way shape or form.
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