A visual layer shifter for human beings

CC 2021+ (18.4)
version 1.02
extension (.zxp)

Loved by
โ€School of Motion

"These are the kinds of tools that are really worth investing in, and investing in the time to learn them"

Become the emperor of time itself


Drag from top / bottom to quickly skew layers in time


Adjust spacing between layers by dragging from the sides


Distort layers in time with a soft, resizable brush

Move Randomly

Visually randomize your items in time, and even change the random seed with a flick of a wheel


Like most modern design tool, you can align your selection left, canter & right

Flip Horizontally

Instantly check out your animation in a flipped order

Meet your layer handles

In Skew, handles get their own modes. This means all the features of Skew immediately work here as well

Unimaginable power, at your fingerclicks

Select Every...

Easily select every other layer.

Or every 3rd layer.
or every 4th layer...

Select Similar

Instantly select other items in your label group, including multiple label groups at once

Randomize Label Colors

Assign a different label color to each layer in a single click

Go beyond the timeline

You can finally rescue layers that are stuck before 0s, or after your comp ends.

Box Select

Drag from anywhere to select multiple layers at once

Now do it all for layer edges

Shorten / Expand your layers' duration by using all Skew has to offer, directly on the edges themselves ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

True freedom requires incredible precision

There's room for everyone

Skew can dynamically resize layers, so you can fit tens and even hundreds of layers inside the panel, and make batch changes to all of them

Snap? Oh, Snap!

Work with extreme precision with clear, visual layer snapping that actually makes sense

Hide what's not important

Easily focus on specific layers to gain clarity and work smarter

People love Skew

The power of a timeline.
The freedom of a canvas.


The power of a timeline.
The freedom of a canvas.
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