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This is Skew

A superpowered dedicated timeline that makes it extremely easy to sequence layers in After Effects, in almost any way you can imagine

skew to stagger

Stagger layers with a quick drag from the top. Slide up and down to form an arrow

scale to space

Adjust spacing between layers by dragging from the sides of the selection box

liquify to refine

Make adjustments to multiple layers using a soft, resizable brush

Select Every

Create unique visuals by making changes to every other layer, every 3rd layer, 4th...


Just like in other modern design tools, Skew lets you align layers with each other

Randomize Time

Randomness helps you quickly iterate over new, interesting ideas to animate your compositions with

Flip Horizontally

Reverse the time of selected layers


Reverse Vertically

Reverse the order of selected layers

Randomize Selection

Flick through different selections

Randomize Labels

Bring back clarity into your workflow


Visual guides help you make the perfect alignment

In / Out mode

Use the In / Out mode to manipulate the duration of layers, instead of their position on the timeline

Macbook Pro

Bring joy back to motion

Skew can pay for itself after

1 hour and 6 minutes

of use
Skew can save you


per year in productivity

Based on your daily rate of


How are these numbers calculated?

Technical Specs

v.1.52     Latest

Supported Apps: After Effects 22.0+

Version: 1.52

Type: zxp

After your purchase is complete, you will:

🔑   Receive your license key
📦   Receive a download link

You will then be able to download, install and unlock Skew on your computer.


Your license key goes with you

You can quickly deactivate your license on one computer and activate it on another.


14 Days Returns

You can get your money back within 14 days of your purchase.


Free Incremental Updates

You will be able to download all future updates for free until the next major version.

If you buy a license today for version v.1.52, you will be able to download all updates until v.1.99


Extension Panel

Skew is built upon Adobe's Extension Panel technology which allows for better UI and UX over traditional scripts. It will be available under Window > Extensions.

Made for happiness

All tools, including Skew, are designed to help you be more productive and have more fun mixing art with your job.

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Indie Development

Buying Skew supports an independent developer and helps me make more tools for you. Thank you for your support!

The End User License Agreement and License Terms will help you clarify any questions you might have about your purchase.


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Indie Development

Buying Skew supports an independent developer and helps me make more tools for you. Thank you for your support!