⚡️ Behold the power of the canvas-timeline



Stagger / Sequence layers with a quick drag from the top. Slide up and down to form an arrow.



Adjust spacing between layers by dragging from the sides.



Smudge time like pixels on a canvas with a soft, resizeable brush.

⚡️ Highlights

Flip Horizontally

Reverse the time of selected layers

Flip Vertically

Reverse the order of selected layers


Randomize Time

Try out unique formations and find simplicity in chaos

Select every...

📐 In / Out mode

Use the In / Out mode to manipulate the duration of layers


Randomize Selection

Flick through different selections


Years of muscle memory in mind

Most keyboard shortcuts are the same as in After Effects. The rest are designed to be easy to remember. When hovering over a button, you can see the shortcut to the right of the tooltip, so you can learn them as you go.

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Visual guides help you make the perfect alignment

📐 Align

left | center | right


Randomize Label Colors

Bring back clarity into your workflow

"These are the kinds of tools that are really worth investing in, and investing in the time to learn them"

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❤️ People are loving Skew


$ 44.99

The fastest way to stagger layers in After-Effects

About Skew

Skew makes adjusting layers in bulks extremely easy by letting you directly touch layers in its own dedicated timeline.

Changes instantly apply to your real layers, letting you audition your new arrangement and revisit them quickly.

Interacting with layers directly makes it easier to iterate over different ideas, and make more artistic choices, faster.

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Adobe After-Effects 22.0+


Skew can pay for itself after
54 minutes of use


Productivity boost can save you $3,388 per year

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