Getting Started


Step 1: Find the "ScriptUI Panels" folder

MacOS: Applications > Adobe After Effects > Scripts > ScriptUI Panels

Windows: C > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe After Effects > Support Files >  Scripts > ScriptUI Panels

Step 2: Copy

Place the following inside the "ScriptUI Panels" folder:


Additional Folders if exists (like a script core folder)

Step 3: Launch the script

Open Adobe After-Effects, find and click the "Window" menu (usually, second one to the right in the menu bar on top).
Scroll down until you find your installed "script.jsxbin" file, and click to launch.


Make things jiggle in After Effects in 4 easy steps:
1. Take a picture of yourself (preferably with clothes on).
2. Puppet-Pin the hell out of it.
3. Noodle and watch how you are slowly becoming the macaroni woman/man that wobbles around effortlessly.
4. Render and share with your friends (The best part).

Noodle 2 works with puppets, transforms, paths, and much more. Ready to jiggle?

Video Tutorials