The Good Boy Ninja is putting a lot of love and effort into the tools he creates.
If you are experiencing any issues please try the following:

Check your computer Date & Time

As silly as it sounds, if your computer clock is set to the wrong time, or if the date is set to the wrong date, After-Effects scripting code can break.
Restart After-Effects and try again.

Turn Off the "JavaScript Debugger"

In After-Effects, go to:
MacOS:  After-Effects -> Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions
Windows:  Edit-> Preferences -> Scripting & Expressions
And make sure "Enable JavaScript Debugger" is turned off.
Then try relaunching the tool and see if the issue has been solved.
This is a feature made for developers which helps them find issues with their code. In some cases the debugger can display errors in places where errors should be ignored, and for you as a user this is a bad experience.


Update to the latest version

The newest version name always appears on the Gumroad Page Title.
The Good Boy Ninja is regularly fixing bugs and solving issues. Are you using the latest version? If not, update and try again.

Update tutorial

Reset the tool's setting

On my paid tools you can easily reset the script settings, which may solve your issue.
It's very simple, follow these steps:

Close the panel

Close the tool panel if it's open by right-clicking the tool tab and selecting "Close Panel".

Hold down Shift

(on your keyboard)

Launch the tool again

From the window menu as you normally would

See this popup?

If so, release the shift key.
Click "Yes" and wait for the script to relaunch.
This method resets all the script preferences and settings. It does not remove your license from your machine. After executing these steps, please try and see if your issue has been solved.

Open the hidden Console and share its knowledge with the Good Boy Ninja

All paid tools come with a hidden console window which presents information about the tool's activity on your machine. To help me solve your problem you can open the console, recreate the issue, then copy the console data and send it to me

To do that, follow these steps:

Close the tool panel if it's open

By right-clicking the tool tab and selecting "Close Panel".

Hold down the "Control" key

(on your keyboard)
On Windows:
On MacOS:

Launch the script from the window menu

as you normally would

See this window? Release "control".

The Console window should appear next to your tool. Inside it a textbox which will gradually feel up with text as you are using the tool.

Replicate the issue

With the console window open, replicate the steps that cause the issue to occur. If it's an error, make sure the error appears and that you dismiss it by clicking "Okay". If the issue you are experiencing does not involve an error dialog, simply make sure you manage to recreate it with the console window open.


After you replicated the issue, go back to the console window and select the text box. Use "Control + A" on Windows or " cmd + A" on MacOS to select all the text, then right click it and choose "Copy".


Email (paste) the console data to the Good Boy Ninja at:
I will then be able to read the console data which will give me more insight on what went wrong. Some issues are difficult to replicate. The Console data helps me see how to script failed to work specifically on your machine. Please do not share this data with anyone else.
For more information please contact the Good Boy Ninja at:
Good Boy Ninja.