How to install and run scripts in After Effects

Installing scripts is only a matter of placing the downloaded files in the correct folder.
All of our scripts display an actual panel, so you'd want to find the "ScriptUI Panels" folder and drop them over there.

Step 1: Find the "ScriptUI Panels" folder

On a Mac, navigate to the following folder:
Adobe After Effects
ScriptUI Panels
On Windows:
Program Files
Adobe After Effects
Support Files
ScriptUI Panels

Step 2: Copy

Place the following inside the "ScriptUI Panels" folder:

ScriptUI Panels

Aditional Folders if exists (like a script core folder)
Or if you prefer a screenshot of the final result, it should look like this:

Step 3: Launch the script

Open Adobe After-Effects, find and click the "Window" menu (usually, second one to the right in the menu bar on top).
Scroll down until you find your installed "script.jsxbin" file, and click to launch.

How to update a script, you ask?

Simply delete the previous script files (including the core folder if exists) and place the latest version in the same folder.