Things that can Noodle

Position, Rotation, Scale.

Position is calculated in the world space (which is a geeky way to say it works when parented). Rotation and Scale are also unique as they can be simulated by inheriting the Rotation and Scale properties on a parent layer. This allows you to build cool rigs. Think of joints. The outermost joint can inherit the rotation of its parent and Noodle accordingly.

Puppet Pin

Oh man this is so much fun, just select your Puppet-Pin points and see them jiggle to your existing animation. You should try Noodling a picture of yourself.


The entire Path simulation code has been rewritten from the ground up. Paths also calculate in world space, which means they react to the motion of your layer.

Spatial and One-Dimensionals

think sliders, colors, angle and point controls. They are all welcome in the Noodle world