Quick Bake

Quick Bake

Noodle is very fast and does a lot of mega nerd optimizations in the background to keep up.
Still, when you are satisfied with your simulation result, bake it! That graphic card you recently bought from your favorite evil megacorp will thank you.

Quickly bake your simulation. You can overview and select which properties are going to Noodle.

Bake Inside Work Area

The best and fastest option. For quicker bakes, set the work area around your simulation. This will make sure you are not wasting your time baking your entire timeline when you have a 3 seconds long animation.

Bake Inside Layers Bounds

If you want to bake the entire layer duration.

Bake to Keyframes

Bakes the results into keyframes. Similar to using "Keyframe Assistant -> Bake Expressions into Keyframes".

It is better to bake to keyframes as long as you can because reading the expression can take some After Effects juice (normally not, but for longer bakes and big paths sometimes maybe).

Bake to Expression

-Bakes the result into an expression, which is secretly loaded from another comp without you knowing because After Effects can't handle big, juicy long expressions like yours.