Editor Types

Noodle has two kinds of editors, the Single-Editor and the Multi-Editor.
The correct editor will launch based on the number of properties you have selected.

Single Editor

The Single Editor shows you a list view of everything this Noodle has to offer.


- How boingy the motion can get


- Maximum freedom for the object to move (0% you are riding a horsey on the moon, highest you are swimming through the Atlantic Ocean with some groceries)

Effect Opacity

- Blends the result with the original.

Lock Quality

Lock the simulation quality to ignore the world quality (the dropdown in the main panel).


Choose whether to Noodle path points, tangents (handles) , or both.

Path Weight Map

interactively select which points are the heaviest, and which are the lightest / won't noodle at all. You can use the sliders, the quick sorting buttons, or the path preview itself (yep, just click a point).

Shtick alert! Hold 'shift' while opening the editor to show secret options meant for advanced cuties only.


The evil twin of the single-editor 😈
It opens when multiple properties are selected and allows you to do most things you can do with the Single Editor, but in context of multiple layers.

+Multi-Editor Tools

A bunch of advanced tools allow you to quickly make changes across all selected Noodles.

Weight Editing

If you open the editor while a path is selected, you can use the weight editor to assign a different weight for each point of the path. See how in the gif, the point with the highest weight Noodles the most.